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Jan 2013
  • CIC Newsletter - Issue No. 12 /《 建 造 業 議 會 通 訊 》第 十二 期
    12th Issue of the CIC Newsletter (Newsletter) has now been published.  The key objective of the Newsletter is to provide an effective communication channel between the CIC and industry stakeholders to further enhance ties.



  • Construction Industry Council (CIC) - Safety Alert No. 003/12: Prevention of Electrocution

    Dear HKFOSHA’s members,

    2012 Industrial Safety Performance of Hong Kong Construction Industry was unsatisfactory, there were over 20 fatal accidents happened. Among these fatal accidents, 7 of them were related to electricity. The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is highly concerned about the suspected electrocution accidents happened in recent months. Thus, CIC Secretariat and the Informal Task Force on Site Safety Incidents issued the Safety Alert No. 003/12 – Prevention of Electrocution to provide initial recommendations and quick reference on safety measures regarding electrical work for employers, contractors, electrical workers and construction workers. You may simply click the following link to read the captioned Safety Alert.

    Safety Alert No. 003/12 – Prevention of Electrocution


    English version: http://www.hkcic.org/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=9730&libID=9783

    Chinese version: http://www.hkcic.org/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=9729&libID=9782

Dec 2012
Jan 2012
  • Risk Management and Safety Engineering I – Fundamentals
    For details, please refer to the flyer.
  • 2012 Annual Subscription

    The subscription for 2012 has been due on January 1.   Please complete the attached slip and return it with a cheque made payable to “ Society of Registered Safety Officers ” .

    For those members who are Registered Safety Officer and wish to renew their membership with new membership card printed with Certificate of Mandatory Basic Safety Training (which also serves the effect of a Green Card) issued by 1 January 2012, they are required to pay the annual subscription fee and attach a copy of your renewed RSO certificate to the Hon Treasurer of SRSO for record. 

  • 建造業議會發表新指引 - A New Publication by the CIC
    The Construction Industry Council (CIC) today released a new publication entitled “ Guidelines on Safety of Lift Shaft Works (Volume 2- During Lift Installation Stage until Issue of Occupation Permit and Handing Over to Developer)” (the Guidelines).  The Guidelines sets out the good practices recommended by the CIC covering this particular work stage for the industry to reference.  Please refer to the following hyperlink to download the Guidelines: